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I just opened a new teaching group:

beginner at 6:30pm NY time, and an intermediate one at 7:35pm NY time.

What will be these classes about?
We will focus on the essence of female flamenco dance, paying
attention not only to footwork but also to body, arms and hands, getting free and connecting with the real pulse of flamenco soul, experiencing the deep aspects of this ancient form of art from your honest individual self
(Tangos / Bulerías)

We will start this Thursday March 2nd 

Thursday beginner at 6:30 pm (NY time)
Thursday intermediate at 7:35 pm (NY time)

Month: $125
Single class: $30
*For students of General Flamenco Classes Monday & Wednesday: $100 


For registration contact me, letting me know the level you want to do it and make the payment

"Thursday Class"

Flamenco Footwork Technique Class

In this class we will focus on the footwork technique, the correct position and execution to not get hurt, as well as the strenth and precition on the feet,we will also work it with "braceo" (arms movements).

12.00 to 12.45 pm (NY time) 
Intermediate / Advance 
12.00 to 12.45 pm (NY time) 
Single Class: $20

   Beginner Month Class: $70
(4 classes)

Int/Adv Month Class: $87,5
(5 classes)


In this class we work  the different parts of the body  individually  (head, hands, shoulders, arms, ribs, back and hips). It is focused in the corporal expression of each movement, on the connection with yourself  and the difference of dancing from the   joy, pain, gratitud… taking advantage of a choreography for this purpose


Every Sundays 

Beginner 1pm to 2pm (NY time)

Intermediate 2.05 to 3.05pm (NY time)

Limited capacity



Monday & Wednesday

1 -2 pm (New York Time)

This month we are going to learn the different between


Like I use to do with different exercises to incorporate in our body and mind the rhythm and feeling of those palos and how to dance them, on the other hand

I am going to create a choreography in which we will work all those aspects.














Monday & Wednesday

2.05 - 3.05 pm (New York Time)

At the intermediate level we do not have a fixed structure, we work with different palos depending on what the students need, always over a choreography. We focus on how to use the energy and emotion of each palo.

Info about Recorded Classes

Recorded classes will be sent to you one day after the actual lesson

If you are interested in old recorded classes, they are available since last May. If you buy a full month of recorded classes, since you have 10 days for visualice it, you could choose when will be sent to you. 

If you go on vacation you have the option of receiving the present classes recorded whenever is good for you,  like this you will not miss anything. 

General Flamenco Online / Recorded

Single Class: $25

Month Class: $165

Month Beginner & Intermediate level: $295

Technical Bodywork Without Shoes Online / Recorded

Single Class: $30

Month Class: $100 (class $25)

Month Class for students of  General Flamenco Online: $80 (class $20)


* Monthly general flamenco online + Monthly Technical Bodywork : $245  

* Monthly general flamenco online + Monthly Technical Bodywork + Footwork Technique Beginner: $315

  * Monthly general flamenco online + Monthly Technical Bodywork + Footwork Technique Int/Adv: $315

* Monthly general flamenco online + Monthly Thursday Class : $265  

For Private Classes 


How wonderful Auxi’s classes are.  I feel so fortunate to have found her online classes, and that there are recorded classes now.  Being an ocean apart and busy at work during class time is no longer a barrier to learning flamenco from such an excellent teacher.
I really love Auxi’s focus on soniquete exercises and the exercise of moving with hands and body to get at ease with bulerias. And TO FEEL the dance!
Her infectious, joyful energy makes you want to do your best every class.  To make progress and feel good while doing so – what a great combination.
I highly recommend class with Auxi. J!!

Lise Daoust

Auxi marries her teaching style to the spirit of flamenco - with passion and power.  You cannot help but get out of your own comfort zone, to explore new ways of feeling music in your soul while learning to dance flamenco. I am a new student of Flamenco with no dance background.  I make improvements with every class.  There is no doubt that Auxi is dedicated to her students.  It is a pleasure to learn from a world renowned artist.

Valerie Lynch

Auxi’s class is a precious jewel. I look forward to them every week. Auxi is a lovely vivacious woman with an encouraging and loving demeanor. She invites us to go deep inside of  ourselves to connect with the music, to be true to the dance. The technique classes include clear and sophisticated footwork exercises. She gives lots of encouragement and time to master them. For upper body technique she teaches us how to be sensual in our movements through different marcajes. Then we get to improvise! I always leave class feeling uplifted and joyful.... we work hard and have lots of fun! 

Elaine Shannon

Live online lessons with Auxi are fantastic and FUN!, and have been one of the saving graces during this time of Covid.

Auxi is a very talented dancer and a wonderful teacher. Her understanding of how to communicate her talent to a student’s level reflect her professionalism. In spite of being online, Auxi pays VERY close attention to what all her students are doing and gives very precise feedback to each of her students individually. She teaches both choreography and improvisation. Her method of teaching bolsters the student’s confidence and allows each student to bring their own voice and expression to the dance. I have greatly improved since taking online lessons with her. It almost feels like I am getting individual instruction!

She has a good command of the technology needed to conduct online classes and is able to strike a good balance between sound and video. Her online classes are live and she includes the whole online class in her lessons, so we have a nice sense of community (again, a very important and appreciated thing during the isolating time of Covid!)

Very importantly, her good humor, her enthusiasm and her communication skills make you forget that you are online and make you feel like she and the whole class are in the room with you - and you’re having fun while learning and improving you dance!

I SO HOPE that Auxi will keep offering her online classes even after Covid because Spain is across the ocean for me!

I HIGHLY recommend taking Auxi’s online classes - Olé!   

Brigitte Boeck-Chenevier

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