Internacional Flamenco Dance

Auxi Fernandez workshops consist of two parts:


The first part of the instruction will focus on technique, strenght, rythm, style, bodywork, armwork, turns and footwork, always working to find your power, your center and emotional life to incorporate in the art.


Second part will present the structure and composition of an specific palo.


Participants will learn a complete choreography.

Flamenco Online Classes


Flamenco Footwork Technique - Técnica de pies para Flamenco

video 45 min

Video de 45 minutos de técnica de pies donde conseguirás buena colocación zapateando, en los pies y el cuerpo, claridad en el sonido, fuerza y velocidad sin hacerte daño

Podrás elegir entre tres niveles diferentes:






 45 minutes video including footwork in which you will gain good positioning in "zapateado", feet and body, clarity in the sound, strength and velocity without damage

You could choose between three different levels:

 Absolute beginner- Beginner-Beginner advanced




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Technical bodywork without shoes

Every Sundays, All Levels, Zoom

1pm to 2pm (New York time)

We are going to learn placement of the body, head, arms, hands, turns and knowledge of where the weight has to be in each movement


Limited capacity

General Flamenco Online classes

beginner/advanced beginner & intermediate/advanced 


Each class is one hour (via Zoom)


SCHEDULES (New York time)


Beginner / Advanced Beginner

Mondays & Wednesday from 1 to 2pm



Mondays & Wednesdays from 2:05 to 3:05pm




**Body, feet and choreography techniques will be worked in each group. Depending on the level of the group, I will delve into certain specific nuances for each level **


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