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dancer and master

Auxi Fernandez is a dancer and actress from Cadiz (Spain), renowned for her capacity of improvising and her very grounded flamenco expression.

She was a member of the project “Touchtone” from recently disappeared genius Chick Corea, (Three international tours, and the recording of DVD "The Ultimate Adventure - Live in Barcelona”). She has shared the stage with  Farruquito, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, David de Jacoba, Simon Shaheen, Buika, Bela Fleck, Jeff Ballard and Antonio Serrano among others.


Her show “Flamenco” was nominated in 2014 by prestigious ACE Awards in New York City in the category “best musical theatre production of the year”.

Auxi is a tablao and theatre dancer, and she has made “Flamenco Footwork Technique”, a series of didactic videos focusing on how to tap correctly in flamenco dance, with different techniques and sequences with rhythm, pursuing improvement and learning the correct way to practice at home, this work is divided in four levels. 

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dance with me

I have 2 different teaching methods, I present them here

Flamenco Footwork Technique

One time payment - Unlimited streaming

Series of videos in which you would be able to learn flamenco footwork technique from its base to advance level, taking care of the correct position of the body and feet. Those videos are made to be able to serve you for years, stablishing an organized method for both improvement and practice at home. 

Online & Recorded Classes

My classes are focused to show you how to dance flamenco with flamencura (honesty), learning to dance from the personal truth of each student,  giving its importance to every little detail: from the hands or the movement of the head to knowing how to stand.  For me the most important thing in Flamenco dance is the telling story of an emotion or feeling, letting yourself flow and enjoy. For this purpose I teach a choreography implementing those aspects, and working on it with great attention to detail. 





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